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About Us

Our mission is to provide professional financial and management advisory services to business clientele with quality, integrity and transparency. Through working with the best people, we built our clients capabilities to enable them to attain success and sustainability


Our Values:


Advising companies, markets, and groups with integrity to build communities and economies, creating opportunity for people , where we put client interests ahead of the firm’s; observe high ethical standards; preserve client confidences; maintain an independent perspective, and manage client and firm resources cost-effectively


We seek professionals with qualification, experience, energy, and a passion to make our clients, our system, and our economy stronger. We cultivate a collegial and collaborative environment where our people can do their best work.


Solving complex problems takes discipline, creativity, judgment, and sensitivity, as well as technical skill


We deliver quality; Our experts strive to deliver not only accurate work, but also thorough, clear, and fair.

Our Consultancy Services

Wall to Wall Consulting has a highly competitive platform for core advisory services, and we are a genuine alternative to the largest firms.

Business risk services

Helping clients to comply with operational regulations, laws and requirements through providing them with a suite of services that can assist in building a better business culture; such as: Internal Audit Services; Risk Management; Control Processes

Business consulting services

Helping clients improve their operational performance, efficiency and effectiveness such services range from business re-engineering; advising on structure, business strategy, policies and procedures, capacity building, .. etc.


Advising and supporting clients involved in all elements of a transaction, be it a sale, an acquisition, valuations, the raising of external debt or private equity or accessing global capital markets; This comprises all types of due diligence, valuation .. etc.

Corporate and outsourcing

Providing companies the flexibility to transfer certain services to a third party allowing them to concentrate on their core business. Clients can outsource their business process management or specific business needs; such as: payroll, human resources, accounting, financial manager services, procurement, …etc.


Advising clients on clear and practical tax planning solutions to help manage tax exposure

Our Assurance Services

We are allied with one of Lebanon’s leading assurance services provider dedicated to serving the needs of privately held businesses and public interest entities.

Our Methodology

We understand that each client has a different definition of “value” when receiving assurance services. To ensure clients receive the value that is most critical to clients’ stakeholders, we begin our work by gathering a highly qualified team. The team will be comprised of dedicated audit professionals who understand clients’ business as well as clients’ industry, and may also include firm specialists in areas such as accounting, tax, valuation, and information technology.

Together, this team not only delivers a high quality assurance to stakeholders, they will also take the opportunity to provide additional value to clients’ business by providing insights and observations about topics important to clients – insights which may lead to new ways of thinking, performance improvement, or efficiencies.

Client can be confident that at Wall to Wall Consulting we believe every assignment should provide additional value to client and clients’ teams.

Our Resources

All partners and managers in Wall to Wall Consulting have access to the latest guidance and regulations, technical updates and specialist training programs. They can also count on the support of state of- the-art technology and assurance software.

Business Risk Services

Whether you’re a start-up business entering the market or an established business on its path to growth then our Business Risk Services professionals can offer an objective, in-depth examination and evaluation of your organization's ability to manage financial and operational challenges.

Our business risk specialists work with you to ensure that any risk is identified and mitigated, ensuring that it does not impact your business, reputation or your growth plans. We recommend methodical models which support your growth and help you to become dynamic in your approach.

Our specialists work with you through the growth lifecycle to ensure your business reaches its full potential within the increasingly competitive market.

Our services include:

  • - Internal Audit Outsourcing and Co-sourcing
  • - Enterprise Risk Management
  • - Developing Standard Operating Policies and Procedures
  • - Internal Control Systems Analysis and Design
  • - Corporate Governance Compliance
  • - HR Risk Advisory
  • - Forensic Services
  • - Operational Efficiency
  • - Revenue Assurance
  • - Training

Business Consulting

Every private business pursues opportunities to increase revenues and secure a high return on the shareholder equity. While some businesses are successful in achieving this, most need external resources, skill sets and knowledge.

To achieve an exceptional performance and above average return on equity you need to have a partner. A partner, with global intellectual capital, in-depth knowledge in various industries and a broad capability base, such as Wall to Wall Consulting, who work with you to unlock your potential to grow.

We work with our clients to offer the following:

  • - Strategy services
  • - Services for Finance Directors
  • - Human Capital Advisory
  • - Operational Excellence
  • - Public Sector procurement Services
  • - Public interest - capacity building

Transaction Advisory

At Wall to Wall Consulting our professional team of corporate finance advisers work with entrepreneurial businesses at various stages of their lifecycle. From exploring the strategic options available to you as a business or shareholder through to advising and project managing the chosen solution, we provide a truly integrated corporate finance offering.

We work with businesses from the initial concept stage, assessing the feasibility of their business plan right the way through to developing and supporting the growth and exit strategy of a dynamic organization.

Our services include:

  • - Mergers & acquisitions (M&A)
  • - Business Valuation and financial modeling
  • - Transaction advisory services:financial, commercial, legal ,tax, due diligence
  • - Capital market advisory
  • - Feasibility studies

Corporate & Outsourcing

Dynamic organizations need to focus their energies on driving the business forward and outsourcing could help you achieve this. Transferring certain services to a third party not only allows you to concentrate on your core business; it can also improve efficiency and cut costs. When it comes to outsourcing, we do not believe in off-the-shelf solutions. We listen carefully to your business needs and deliver comprehensive, efficient and confidential services.

Bookkeeping and financial accounting

Supporting clients with bookkeeping, payroll calculation and accountancy and tax reporting obligations.

Tax compliance

Preparation of tax declarations, monitor the assessment procedure, check tax assessments and inform you about necessary payments.


We can support you in reducing your administrative costs and ensuring that security and confidentiality issues are dealt with

Human resource consulting

Outsource the entire company’s HR processes or individual aspects for a solution that is based on your strategy

Compilation of financial statements

Help you fulfill your duty to keep records, guaranteeing that the public and other stakeholders will be presented with comprehensive and reliable reports

Business process outsourcing and consulting

Helping clients decide which processes could be outsourced, improving efficiency and lowering costs to your business



Growing companies need increasingly sophisticated advice on tax structures when embarking on international operations. Tax regimes and compliance regulations change rapidly, while corporate activity in one jurisdiction can have profound consequences on tax liabilities in many others.

Independent, commercially-minded advice can help businesses make informed decisions that minimize their liabilities for sound commercial benefit. Companies operating in several countries expect a commonality of service standard and a consistency of quality from organizations that provide these services.

Regulations governing the accountants and lawyers who provide tax guidance and compliance advice, however, vary greatly between jurisdictions.

We offer a comprehensive array of tax advisory services for businesses and organizations of all sizes, at all levels:

  • - Corporate tax consulting and reporting
  • - International tax
  • - Local and indirect taxes
  • - Tax transformation services
  • - Tax process solutions

Our Team

Our staff is comprised of financial analysts, external auditors, internal auditors, information systems auditors, accountants, tax consultants, management consultants, and system analysts, and technical experts.

Members of our senior staff are well known as experts in their fields, all possessing international certifications.

Over the years, we have acquired experience in providing services to a wide variety of organizations, including: public sector institutions where we are among only few firms accredited to serve entrepreneurs, local and international entities, banks, financial institution, large private companies, not- for- profit organizations,multi national corporations and other entities.

Our Credentials