Our Consultancy Services

Wall to Wall Consulting has a highly competitive platform for core advisory services, and we are a genuine alternative to the largest firms.

Business risk services

Helping clients to comply with operational regulations, laws and requirements through providing them with a suite of services that can assist in building a better business culture; such as: Internal Audit Services; Risk Management; Control Processes

Business consulting services

Helping clients improve their operational performance, efficiency and effectiveness such services range from business re-engineering; advising on structure, business strategy, policies and procedures, capacity building, .. etc.


Advising and supporting clients involved in all elements of a transaction, be it a sale, an acquisition, valuations, the raising of external debt or private equity or accessing global capital markets; This comprises all types of due diligence, valuation .. etc.

Corporate and outsourcing

Providing companies the flexibility to transfer certain services to a third party allowing them to concentrate on their core business. Clients can outsource their business process management or specific business needs; such as: payroll, human resources, accounting, financial manager services, procurement, …etc.


Advising clients on clear and practical tax planning solutions to help manage tax exposure